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Stanley Multitool 11 Tools in 1STHT73844W B&D

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A multi-tool is a portable versatile hand tool that combines several individual tool functions in a single unit and these are designed for easy and handy portability and use. Multi-tools should be used only for light duty uses and these tools cannot replace conventional tools for professional and heavy duty usage.
Nail Claw: Nail claw can be used to take out nails.
Hammer: Hammer action will help you put nails to wooden surface.
Combination Plier: With the wire cutter facility you can cut and take out the damaged portion of any cable.
Phillips Screwdriver: Can loosen or tighten any phillips screw with phillips head of the Multi-tool.
Saw: Saw can be used to cut small wood logs.
Knife: Can cut ropes etc with knife
Bottle Opener: This feature is used to open sealed bottles.
Slotted Screwdriver: Can loosen or tighten any screw with slotted head of the Multi-tool.
Files: Hard and Soft flies are there for you if you need to sharpen or smoothen any metal equipment.
• Hammer: Slotted screwdriver
• Saw - 2-3/4" drop point blade
• Soft file: Hard file
• Philips screwdriver
• Bottle opener
• Wire cutters
• Nail claw
• Combination pliers
• Ideal for Outdoor Activity
• Do It Yourself
• Use for action Sports and Travelling
• Stainless Steel: resistant to corrosion
• Heavy Duty handle: for better grip , torque and force application
• Multi Utility
• Compact
• Durable and Reliable and great value for Money
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