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Shop with your Membership Rewards Points at

4 Membership Rewards Points = INR 1

1. Select your American Express Card as mode of payment at our below given partners

2. Enter the ‘One Time Password’ (OTP) and choose ‘Membership Rewards’ on the Safekey screen. Click on ‘Continue’

3. Confirm the ‘Points to Redeem’ and then click on ‘Redeem my Points’

1. All American Express Cards issued in India which are enrolled in the Membership Rewards Programme and earn Membership Rewards Points are eligible to redeem points with Safekey, provided that:
a) Cardmember is making a purchase online at participating merchants that are enrolled with American Express Safekey and Use points with Safekey. Merchants enrolled with “Use points with Safekey” are subject to change at any time.
b) Cardmember at all times means the Primary/Basic Cardmember only. (Supplementary Cardmembers are not eligible for this programme/ facility.)
c) Card Account is in good standing / current status (not overdue or in collection).
d) Cardmember has minimum 1 Membership Rewards Point in Card Account

2. Subject to these Terms and Conditions, the redemption of Points will be awarded to Cardmembers in the form of a credit to the Card Account to which the transaction was originally charged and that Card Account must be associated with or linked to the Membership Rewards Account from which the Points are redeemed. If you redeem Points through Safekey, a credit will appear on your statement identified as ‘Safekey – Merchant Name’.

3. Cardmember must redeem a minimum of 1 Point at one time for each redemption process.

4. American Express Banking Corp. may require that any credit to Cardmember’s Card Account does not exceed the amount of the transaction against which the Points are being redeemed.

5. Cardmember must not withhold any payment due on Cardmember’s Card Account based upon the expectation of receiving a future credit to such Card Account.

6. If Cardmember has an American Express Banking Corp. issued Card in which Cardmember earns points, a credit to Cardmember’s Card Account as a result of using this redemption reward does not constitute a payment to such Card Account and does not satisfy the requirement to pay the minimum payment due and/ or the total amount due as per the Cardmember’s choice. Cardmember must still make a separate payment of at least the minimum payment due and/ or the total amount due in accordance with the Cardmember Agreement and Card Account statement.

7.It can take up to five working days for the statement credit to appear on Cardmember’s Card Account. In case of a credit card, Cardmember may be charged interest (if applicable) if any interest free period expires before the transfer of Points (and issue of the “Use Points with Safekey” credit) to Account. If possible, Cardmember should allow sufficient time to redeem Points before the payment date of card statement.

8. Both the full original charge from the merchant and INR value of Points redeemed will appear on your Statement of Account. The Points value of the credit will be deducted from Cardmember’s Membership Rewards Account.

9. American Express may suspend usage of the “Use Points with Safekey” tool where the Card Account is not in good standing (overdue or in collection).

10. If Cardmember subsequently returns the purchase to the merchant for a refund, the Membership Rewards Points that the Cardmember redeemed through Safekey for that purchase will not be credited back to the Membership Rewards Account. Cardmember will however receive the refund from the merchant as credit in Card Account as usual.

11. The value of Points redeemed through Safekey may vary from other redemption channels. Please visit to view our online catalogue and explore other options for redeeming your Points.

12. Please visit 'The Programme' section to view the full Membership Rewards Terms and Conditions