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Ever Play BT7900B/00 Stereo Portable Bocina Speaker

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SKU code R360-6096

1.Advanced sound processing technology enhances the reproduction of your music so that each note resonates with crystal-clear accuracy, and each pause is sealed with pristine silence. Philips' proprietary digital sound processing technology optimises the performance of compact speakers, delivering sound that is clear, detailed and powerful without any distortion.

2.Twin front-firing neodymium speakers for powerful sound.

3.Digital sound processing for lifelike, distortion-free music.

4.Quick-charge recharges speaker 3 times faster.

5.Battery indicator to easily view power level.

6.USB cable doubles as a strap.

7.Wireless music streaming via Bluetooth.

8.Strong Bluetooth connection up to 30m or 100ft.

9.100-hr Bluetooth power standby time.

10.Built-in microphone for hands-free phone calls.

11.Durable build–shockproof.

12.Dustproof and waterproof (IP57).

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